Asking for phone number email

This was an email sent by that requested a phone number reply from people who didn’t buy.



Subject: phone number?



Were you curious about my last KopywritingKourse bundle, but didn’t buy it?

Would you mind if we called you and asked some questions about why you didn’t buy?

Simply reply with your phone number (no worries if you’re not interested)!

Neville Medhora – KopywritingKourse

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TechCrunch event marketing email

This email does a succinct job of getting people to buy one of two types of tickets for their event.

Subject: Pop quiz…


What would you prefer:

a. A …

Udemy enrollment confirmation email

When you enroll in a course with Udemy, they send you a simple email like this designed to get you to start the course.

Subject: Neville, welcome to Graphic Design …

Ramit Sethi engagement email.

This is an email that attempts to get people to respond to Ramit’s email by asking a question surely A LOT of people have a response to.