The Male Mid-Life Crisis by Nancy Mayer:

My friend just posted a book I recommended The Male Mid-Life Crisis by Nancy Mayer:

I first read this when I was 17 in high school, and it fundamentally shifted the way I viewed life/relationships/death.

It was cool to see from a young age what causes (men in particular) to blow up their lives in middle age, and I took away many methods of avoiding it.

The book shows how males can approach a “mid life crisis” when all these stressors hit at the same time:

  • They look at their children and realize “THEY are young, I am old.”
  • Their parents are starting to fade or die, and they see they’re next.
  • Financial demands from children, spouse, life, parents.
  • Time demands from children, spouse, friends, work, parents.
  • Some men got pressured into marriage way too young and never got to explore the world outside their relationship and they realize “this is it.”

According to the book a combination of these things happening at the same time can make a man snap.

I talk about it in this one minute clip:

Anyways, checkout the book if you’re interested in the subject. I found her writing style to be incredibly raw and honest which is what I liked about the book.

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