Have a better weekend with less screen time

Avoid mindlessly opening up social media or playing on your phone using Downtime on iPhone. It’s easy!

  1. Settings → Search “Downtime”
  2. Click Downtime
  3. Click “Turn On Downtime Until Tomorrow”

Within 5 minutes of clicking “Turn On Downtime” all your apps will be grayed-out.

Pro-Tip: Click “Always Allowed” in the Screentime menu, and you can select which apps never get tuned off.

I “Always Allow” maps, home security apps, food tracking and fitness apps etc. Stuff that I don’t mindlessly scroll on.

Q2 is near

Whatever your 2024 goal is, you have 9 more months to complete it

❌ Q1: January, February, March​
✅ Q2: April, May, June
✅ Q3: July, August, September
✅ Q4:

Total Addressable Market

When looking at market size it’s helpful to look at the realistic amount you can capture.

TAM: Total demand for a specific product/service in a market.

SAM: Portion of TAM