Matter’s Explainer Video

Matter is an app that enables users to request and receive professional feedback.

Instead of waiting for an annual review with your manager, Matter lets you request feedback from different people at different times. You end up getting more feedback from more people. The result is more specific reviews that you can actually turn around and apply to your work (and improve yourself).

This explainer video is pretty interesting because it’s visually engaging AND pretty convincing. It does a particularly good job comparing the traditional feedback system vs their approach with a couple of great calendar animations.

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1945 Old Gold “Irritated” Ad

This ad from 1945 is hilarious in this day and age, but the reason it’s SwipeFile-worthy is how well they depicted “irritation” of the man in the picture 😂

Above the fold copy with clear headline

I love complicated tech Saas companies with simple. The bold typeface headline catches your attention quickly and the sub explains what they do. The Producthunt badge gives instant social proof.…