Category: Direct Mail

Direct Mail is something physical that can be put in the mail or distributed. The beauty of direct mail in the internet age, is that it can do more “things” like bend, fold, contain physical objects, and be sent through snail mail.  Here are some great examples.

Enamel Dental Direct Mail Flyer

There’s a lot of dental flyers that go out, because each lifetime client they gain can be worth thousands of dollars.

I would love to see future promotions from these …

Sweet Tooth Dental Direct Mail Flyer

This mailer looks very “professional” and clean.  Shows a list of all services.  Displays contact info very large.  Clearly, is going for a crowd without insurance. Offers good coupons.

Red …

Tech Support Direct Mail Flyer

Here’s a great flyer offering tech support primarily for Apple products.  This is actually a fantastically designed flyer that can easily be shared around an organization.

Red areas are most …


Liquor Delivery Mail Flyer

Pretty much instantly you know precisely what they are selling (a liquor delivery service).

Red areas are most likely to attract attention, followed by Yellow/Orange areas, and Blue areas. Areas …