Category: Emails

Here’s some examples of high-selling emails we’ve collected. All of these emails have confirmed done very well.

Udemy enrollment confirmation email

When you enroll in a course with Udemy, they send you a simple email like this designed to get you to start the course.

Subject: Neville, welcome to Graphic Design …

Ramit Sethi engagement email.

This is an email that attempts to get people to respond to Ramit’s email by asking a question surely A LOT of people have a response to.



Asking for phone number email

This was an email sent by that requested a phone number reply from people who didn’t buy.



Subject: phone number?



Were you curious about my …


HubSpot re-engagement email

HubSpots re-sub campaign to make sure people engage and click (and therefore better deliverability)!



Subject: This is goodbye. Here’s why …

We miss you already …